Advanced Mechatronics


Research in the Ota laboratory focuses on development of sensors and systems based on advanced fabrication processes using soft materials such as polymers and hydrogels. We study mainly three areas: new fabrication processes for polymers using adhesion processing; next-generation sensors for healthcare and biotechnology; and next-generation systems integrating these sensors and circuits. Projects are based on mechanical engineering, but at the same time, they need a wide range of knowledge and techniques from chemistry, molecular biology, and electrical engineering. We propose devices and systems enabling new functionalities and properties merging mechanical engineering with these areas.


We look for postdoctoral fellows to join our group !!
and welcome graduate students and researchers having multi-disciplinary backgrounds from universities and research institutes worldwide!
If you are interested in joining in our group through Japan Society for Promotion of Science research scholarships (for Japanese students or researchers and for overseas researchers), please contact Prof. Hiroki Ota.